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Upgrade RightLink Version on Windows


To install a newer version of RightLink on a Windows instance so that you can create an upgraded RightLink-enabled image.


If you've previously created a custom RightLink-enabled image and need to create a revised image that is built with the latest version of RightLink, you cannot follow the RightLink Installer for Windows instructions to successfully upgrade your image. 



Launch an Instance

Launch an instance using the RightLink-enabled image that was built with the older version of RightLink.

Establish a Remote Desktop Connection

Note: The screenshot and directions below are for the built in Windows RDP client only. If using your own client and environment, these directions will obviously vary.

Once the instance becomes operational, go to the instance's Info tab and write down the "Initial password" which you will later use to RDP into the instance. (The password is located inside the first and last parentheses.)

Note: Once the instance is operational you might have to wait around 10-20 minutes before the password becomes visible.  You will not be able to establish a remote desktop connection until a password becomes available.


Click the "Show Value" link and insert your RightScale user's password to expose the password value.


On your local machine, use the instance's Public DNS Name or Public IP address to establish a remote desktop connection to the instance. Click Connect as needed to establish a connection:


Note:  If you get a certificate error message, you can still continue to connect to the instance (view screenshot). 

Next, you will need to log into the instance:

Username: administrator
Password: ("Initial password" that we retrieved under the Instance's Info tab.  Only enter the characters that are enclosed within the parantheses.)

 Be sure to save your login credentials.

Check current version

This is a Powershell command to find out the current version ( of RightLink running on the server.

PS C:\> (Get-Command "C:\Program Files\RightScale\RightLinkService\RightLinkService.exe").FileVersionInfo.ProductVersion

Uninstall RightLink

The next step is to uninstall RightLink. Navigate to the following Control Panel section:

  • Windows 2008: (Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features)
  • Windows 2003: (Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs)


You'll notice that there may be several installed programs that are related to RightLink.  To properly uninstall all RightLink-specific programs, simply uninstall the "RightLink" program.  By doing so, all RightLink-specific programs will be removed.  DO NOT uninstall each program individually. Once it has been successfully uninstalled, you might notice that "RightLink" will be removed from the list, but the other RightLink-specific programs are still listed.  Rest assured, all RightLink programs were properly uninstalled.  Simply refresh the screen, and you should no longer see any RightLink-specific programs in the list.


At this point, you've properly uninstalled RightLink.

Install RightLink

It is now safe to install a newer version of RightLink.  Follow the RightLink Installer for Windows tutorial.


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