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Feature Control

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Customized images are not fully supported by RightScale. We encourage you to use our ServerTemplates and RightImages. However, if you do create custom images and would like to RightLink-enable them, please feel free to utilize the following documentation.


A system administrator can utilize a special configuration file before installing RightLink which will selectively disable certain features of RightLink on that machine. The intended use case is people who build custom images and want RightLink to behave in a certain way for their deployment environment. Specifically, you can:
  •  Disable managed login
  •  Disable repo freezing
  •  Disable MOTD (message of the day) update

Feature control is only possible if you create a special YAML file prior to installing the RightLink package or running any RightLink init script or program logic - if using a RightImage, it will need to be rebundled for RightLink to be impacted by these configuration changes. The YAML file contains some boolean flags that affect the behavior of the init scripts and the agent at runtime.

The following features can all be disabled:

  • Managed login (aka Server Login Control)
  • Frozen OS package repositories
  • Automatic MOTD update on state transitions


To disable one or more of these features, create the following file:


And populate the file, supplying "true" or "false" for each feature as appropriate.

  update: false
  freeze: false
  enable: false

Important!  All features are assumed to be enabled by default unless this file exists and the associated feature is marked as "false" (disabled). Therefore, you can omit sections for features that should remain enabled.


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