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Download RightLink 5.8 and Lower Packages

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RightScale provides RightLink packages for both Linux (CentOS & Ubuntu) and Windows operating systems.  Although we recommend using the latest RightLink packages that are available, it may not be available for your particular release.  The RightLink packages in the "latest" directories are not beta.  They are GA (General Availability) releases of RightLink and are suitable for use in production environments.

RightScale's mirror for available RightLink packages can be found here:


If you do not find a suitable package in one of the "latest" directories, you can also browse for different archived versions of RightLink packages, which will be located in their respective directories (e.g. 5.5.9)


You must choose the distribution package that's most appropriate for your purposes, based upon your instance's operating system and CPU architecture (32- or 64-bit).


Customized images are not fully supported by RightScale. We encourage you to use our ServerTemplates and RightImages. However, if you do create custom images and would like to RightLink-enable them, please see Creating RightScale-enabled Images with RightLink.

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