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Testing your Private RightLink-enabled Image


To test a bundled image for compatibility that you created by following one of the Creating RightScale-enabled Images with RightLink tutorials.


Before you create an MCI (MultiCloud Image) for your new private RightLink-enabled image, you should test your image for compatibility.


  1. Create a new deployment for testing the new image.
  2. Import the appropriate "RightLink Starter" ServerTemplate from the MultiCloud Marketplace.
  3. Use the imported ServerTemplate to add a server to the new deployment. You will need to specify an SSH Key and Security Group, but you can keep the other default settings. 
  4. Edit your server and override the default EC2 image that was selected by the ServerTemplate's MCI. Choose your private RightLink-enabled AMI that you just created using one of the Creating RightScale-enabled Images with RightLink tutorials and click Save.
  5. Launch your server.
  6. In a couple of minutes, the server should become operational. If RightLink was properly installed, the RightLink agent will detect that it is attached to RightScale and begin communicating with the Dashboard. Click on the server's Audit Entries tab to verify that boot RightScripts and/or Chef recipes are successfully being executed on the instance. Click on the Monitoring tab. You should see real-time graphs of your new instance. If the server becomes stranded or graphs are missing, RightLink was not successfully installed and you will need to repeat the installation steps above.
  7. If you are using a custom image, you may want to perform other tests to verify that all software packages were installed successfully. 
  8. (Optional) If you need to make modifications to the server, you can SSH into your instance or run RightScripts and Chef Recipes. However, you must realize that any configuration changes will affect the image if you bundle the instance again. For example, packages installed by RightScripts will be included in the bundled instance. If necessary, you can bundle the instance again, tag it, and repeat these steps to test a new image.

Post Tutorial Steps

Create a MultiCloud Image (optional)

In this tutorial, you overwrote the MCI's image at the server level for testing purposes. However, in order to properly use the new RightScale-enabled image with ServerTemplates, you should create a MultiCloud Image (MCI) that references the new image. See Create a New MultiCloud Image. The MCI can then be added to any local (HEAD) ServerTemplates in your account. If you need to make that image available in a different AWS region, follow the Replicate an Image to different AWS regions

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