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Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS

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The commands for a GA install of RightLink in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS are included below.

For RedHat-based systems, we publish and maintain a yum repository. The repository follows an EPEL-like layout and supports multiple  distributions and releases. 


  • Only 64-bit is supported.
  • Accurate timekeeping is very important to RightLink's network stack. We highly recommend the use of Network Time Protocol (NTP) to synchronize time on your servers. Although RightLink will fall back to RightScale NTP servers if system NTP servers are not configured or not reachable, we recommend NTP be configured before installing RightLink for private clouds.
  • Instructions for Enterprise Linux 6 are given below, through Enterprise 7 packages are also available.


First, import RightScale public key:

# Pre-import the rightscale public key
rpm --import

# Create a yum source:

cat > /etc/yum.repos.d/RightLink-staging.repo <<EOF

name=RightLink Source RPMS


Next, install RightLink cloud support package for the cloud type your instance is running on. 


RightLink 6 Supports the following cloud types:

Cloud Type Nickname Support package
Microsoft Azure azure rightlink6-cloud-azure
Citrix CloudStack/CloudPlatform cloudstack rightlink6-cloud-cloudstack
Amazon EC2 ec2 rightlink6-cloud-ec2
Google Compute Engine gce rightlink6-cloud-gce
OpenStack openstack rightlink6-cloud-openstack
RackSpace (OpenCloud) rackspace rightlink6-cloud-rackspace
SoftLayer softlayer rightlink6-cloud-softlayer
vSphere Cloud Appliance (VMware) vsphere rightlink6-cloud-vsphere

RightLink packages are grouped into major versions, such as rightlink6-cloud-ec2/rightlink6-sandbox/rightlink6 and rightlink5-cloud-ec2/rightlink5-sandbox/rightlink5. It is recommended to use the latest major version.  Only the oldest point release for each major version is available at any time off the mirrors. Upgrading between major versions is not supported.  RightLink 5 packages are named similarly to RightLink 6 packages, except for google being renamed to gce, and the addition of vsphere.


Example for Amazon EC2:

yum install -y rightlink6-cloud-ec2


You can now bundle your image and boot RightScale servers with it.

See also

  • INSTALL.rdoc (in RightLink source code from GitHub repository)
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