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Chef Integration and Support

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As part of our integrated configuration management system, you have the option to use Chef cookbooks or scripts to configure your RightScale servers. When using the integrated Chef system, the RightLink agent executes chef-solo using a built-in Chef executable. RightLink also provides additional utilities on top of the integrated Chef executable, exposing Chef resources and providers that are specific to the RightScale management system. The RightLink agent on the running instance can run Chef recipes that install software at boot time and perform operational tasks, such as restarting services or reconfiguring software. When using the integrated Chef implementation, you must use a v5 RightImage or later.

As an alternative to the integrated Chef in RightScale, you can use a standard Chef client on any server. This approach allows you to use any Chef server and version of your choice, but will not have the built in convenience operations that come with the integrated Chef implementation. If you prefer to run Chef natively, you should consider using our Chef Client ServerTemplate.

Chef utilization advantages

  • Remote Recipes - Enables you to run a Chef Recipe on a remote instance (either by tag or a specific instance ID). You can also create (or delete) a tag in a Recipe run on a remote instance
  • Chef Resources - RightLink provides several Chef resources that can be used to implement a discovery service by advertising and querying tags.  See Chef Resources for more information
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