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RightLink Ports and Protocols - v6.x


The tables below list the network protocols and ports that RightLink uses to communicate with RightScale infrastructure systems. This information is intended to illustrate how RightLink works. For firewall configuration details, see About Firewalls.

RightLink Ports and Protocols Table

Important!  RightLink only makes outbound connections using these ports and protocols.  RightLink does not accept inbound connections for any purpose.

Port Protocol Connection Info and Common Use Cases
tcp/80 http

Software package installation

  • RightLink may use apt-get (Debian/Ubuntu) or yum (Redhat/Centos) to download packages via HTTP from RightScale and/or public mirrors.
tcp/443 http

Communication with RightScale core

  • RightLink 6.0 and above maintain a persistent WebSockets connection to the core in order to receive operational instructions.
  • RightLink may make API calls using HTTPS to RightScale for accessing cloud resources (For example, to attach/detach EBS volume, backup EBS volume etc.  Note:  This is being phased out in favor of AMQP connections.)
  • RightLink 5.7 and above must use HTTPS to download RightScript attachments from RightScale mirrors (e.g. "") regardless of the attachments' canonical source location.
tcp/5672 amqp

Communication with RightScale core (RightLink 5.9 and below).

  • Servers maintain a persistent connections to the core in order to receive operational instructions.





Access to Chef Cookbooks; does not apply to RightScript-based ServerTemplates, or to Chef ServerTemplates running in production mode.).

Normally, RightScale stores copies of cookbooks in our high-availability mirrors; however, when development mode is enabled (see List of RightScale Tags), RightLink directly contacts Git or Subversion servers in order to fetch cookbook information. In development mode:

  • RightLink may SSH to (or other servers depending on the cookbook's origin) on port 22 egress to download Cookbooks (git+ssh protocol)
  • RightLink may connect to other servers on port 3690 (SVN) to download Cookbooks
  • RightLink may also use HTTPS to download Cookbooks as well (depending on the definition of the RepoPath)
  • RightLink 5.6 and above must use HTTPS to download Cookbooks from RightScale mirrors ("") regardless of the original source location or protocol with which the Cookbooks were retrieved.

Other Services and Ports

RightScale-published ServerTemplates commonly contain boot scripts or recipes that communicate with RightScale infrastructure to enable various features. While not strictly a part of RightLink, these scripts involve the following network protocols.

Port Protocol Connection Info and Common Use Cases
ucp/3011 udp

Monitoring access using collectd (egress)

  • The server may contact RightScale for monitoring (if monitoring is enabled)
  • Note:  Actual IP varies depending on which sketchy server gets assigned
udp/1194 UDP

OpenVPN (optional egress and/or ingress, when using an OpenVPN client or server)

udp/123 ntp NTP clients such as ntpdate, ntpd


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