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New UI for Inputs

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With the March 1st Dashboard release, we will be unveiling new functionality and a new UI for inputs. Please familiarize yourself here with the basics and make sure to check out the upcoming release notes on the day of the release for more information, which will include links to more documentation.

New Benefits

Improved layout

  • The new inputs functionality allows you to group inputs into categories such as Application, Monitoring, Database or DNS. You can also define custom categories when you define your inputs on a RightScript or in a Cookbook. Categories are collapsible so you can focus on only the inputs you are working with at that time. You will also be able to expand an input to see more information, including descriptions and inheritance. 
  • There is a consistent look and feel for every editing form. Previously, inputs pages would differ slightly depending on where in the Dashboard you were viewing the inputs page. Now there is a single inputs page across all levels.
  • Missing inputs are now clearly identified. Inputs that are required for launch will be noticeably flagged.




  • Ability to group related inputs into categories. Collapse and expand categories depending on what you would like to view. Define a category for an input within a Cookbook or RightScript.




  • There is an inheritance option in the input type dropdown menu to easily inherit values.
  • The expanded view shows the input's inheritance as well as the new Inheritance field where you will see more detailed information.




  • There is a new filtering feature to easily search and filter by input name or inheritance type.
  • Buttons for "expand" and "collapse," "more" and "less" allow you to view information you would like to see and hide the information you do not.



Resizable Text Box

  • For text values, there is a resizable box to enter larger values.




Note: this feature is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Advanced and Optional Inputs

  • You can now define advanced and optional inputs when you create RightScripts. This lets you create ServerTemplates with minimal necessary input prompts at boot, with the option to define more advanced parameters if required. Advanced inputs are hidden by default and grouped together in the advanced category. Optional inputs do not require values for launch.



Bug fixes

Please read the more detailed documentation which will be published at the time of release, and send any issues to

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