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New Add Server and Server Array Assistants

New method to add a server

The September 2011 RightScale Dashboard release will change the way that you add servers. Previously, adding a server to a deployment required you to navigate to the deployment first and enter all of the required values in a dialog box.

With the new Add Server feature, you can add servers to deployments directly from the Servers page in the Dashboard. This new feature takes you step-by-step through the process of choosing a ServerTemplate and configuring hardware and networking settings, via a series of tabs. The final tab lets you review a summary of your selections before finishing. Each field has a descriptive tooltip to help with your selections. Screenshots of the new feature are below so you can familiarize yourself with the changes before the release.

Add Server Assistant

When adding a server, you must first select a ServerTemplate from the list of what is available in your account. The ServerTemplate selection process has been re-factored to resemble that of the MultiCloud Marketplace. You can sort the list in different ways using the Filter Options in the left sidebar to find the ServerTemplate you will use. 




The new assistant offers the ability to create needed components while adding a server such as SSH Keys, Elastic IPs and Security Groups without having to leave the assistant. This means you do not have to navigate away from your Add Server flow or open up a new window if you need to create one of these components. Another feature that is built into the Add Server flow includes customizing your pricing option. You can set it to On Demand, where the corresponding price according to your hardware choices will be listed below. You can also set it to Spot, where you can see see the available spot prices and set your max price.



Deployment defaults

Also being introduced with the new server assistants is the ability to set deployment defaults. After creating a server with settings that you would like to reproduce with future servers, you can check the box in the confirm tab. This will save these settings as your defaults for future servers in that specific deployment.



Server Array Assistant

The new server array assistant is much like the server assistant, except you have an additional tab called Array Details.  The Array Details tab allows you to set the specifics of your array.





Be sure to check out the upcoming release notes for the August 2011 release for a full overview of new features and changes.



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