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Dashboard Topological Map

Below is a topological map of the RightScale Dashboard.  It includes all of the major sections of the display.  Click any of the hot spots in the diagram that are highlighted with the icon-Info_mini-v1.png icon to learn more about its purpose and proper UI terminology.

Dashboard View




The following are areas of the Dashboard display:

  • Top Pane
  • Left Pane
  • Middle Pane
  • Bottom Pane


Top Pane

RightScale Logo

The RightScale logo serves as a clickable shortcut to the View Dashboard screen. (Manage > Deployments > View Dashboard > Deployments tab)

If you are interested in customizing the CM Dashboard by replacing the RightScale logo with your own company logo, please contact your RightScale account manager or support representative. Note that the maximum allowed size for a custom branding logo on the Cloud Management Dashboard is now 29px x 150px.

Navigation Header

Multi-tiered navigation that includes drop-down menus.  (e.g. Manage -> Deployments)

RightScale Account

Select the RightScale account that you wish to view.  Remember, you might have access to several different accounts, so if an object or server appears to be missing, make sure you're looking in the correct account.


A dropdown menu of helpful Support links. 

  • Email - Submit a technical support ticket.  The Support link is context sensitive, so be sure to click it on the page where you are experiencing a problem. The ability to submit a ticket is reserved for customers subscribing to one of RightScale's pay editions.
  • Feedback - Send general feedback about the Dashboard.
  • Forum - Link to RightScale's Support Forum (
  • Docs - Link to RightScale's Support Site ()

Current Screen Title

The title of the primary screen.  The screen title is located in the gold section below the navigation header, and above the primary display.  If you are looking at an object that can be renamed, it will be underlined with a dotted line.  To rename an object, simply double-click on the name.  Lock/Unlock icons are located next to objects that support this type of security.

Help Text

Context sensitive overview level information that is built into the Dashboard.  Help Text often includes links to Support Portal for more information or related Tutorials.  It expands/collapses based on the Help/Hide action button in the current screen title section.  Help Text expands below the screen title and above the primary display.  (Expanded Help Text not shown in example screen shot.)


Left Pane

Left-most part of the Dashboard display. The size of the left column can be adjusted.

  • Column width can be changed between small (Sm) and large (Lg)
  •         Hide option collapses to a tab in the yellow Title section (simple mouse click to expand again)


The left pane also includes the following sections:


Search nicknames of Deployments, RightScripts, ServerTemplates, Server Arrays, and Servers. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl-s activates the QuickSearch and places your cursor in the search field.  Result will be displayed in real-time.  Simply select one of the results to jump to that item.

System Alerts

This section is reserved for communicating special notifications to all users.  System alerts are used to warn users about known issues or upcoming site upgrades.


Mange your own customized set of tab-sensitive bookmarks for quick access to any screen in the RightScale Dashboard.  Bookmarks are user and account-specific so you can create different bookmarks for each of your accounts.  They are also persistent, so they will be preserved even after your session ends. There is no limit to the number of bookmarks you can create. 


  • Icons for frequently used entities (Servers, Deployments, ServerTemplates, etc.)
  • Bookmark Edit Mode is very intuitive
  • Bookmarks can be dragged and dropped for reordering (gr-10645)

QuickMonitoring Graphs

Use QuickMonitoring to save up to 8 of the most commonly viewed graphs. Graphs are updated every minute and are account and user-specific so you can create different graph thumbnails for each of your accounts. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger version of the graph. Rename graphs and rearrange the order, as desired. 


Real-time update of "events" such as Servers booting, stranding, going operational or decommissioning.  See FAQ 121.


Middle Pane

The main part of any given screen (or page) is the primary display.  Essentially everything below the title and to the right of the Left Pane.  The primary display often includes table data, tabs, actions and informative icons.


Related tabs will be shown based upon the Current Screen Title.  

Show/Hide Columns

When viewing tables in the Dashboard you can select which columns should be displayed.  Changes to the column settings are account and user-specific. They are also persistent, so they will be preserved even after your session ends.  Return to the 'default' settings at anytime.

Sorting Icons

When viewing tables, you can sort items within the columns by clicking the up/down arrow icons.

Thumbnail Graphs

If a server is launched and monitoring is enabled, a thumbnail of the CPU usage graph (cpu-0 idle) will be displayed.  Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of the graph (under the Monitoring tab).

Action Buttons

Actionable buttons are specific to the screen you are currently viewing.  Examples include:  Edit, Clone, Archive, Delete, Add Server.

Action Icons

Actionable icons in the Dashboard.  Examples include:  Launch Server, Terminate Server, SSH console, Edit/Change. 
Note:  Not all icons are actionable.  There are informative icons as well.  Examples include:  A Server booting or decommissioning.  See Dashboard Icons.

Action Links

Links that are actionable in the Dashboard.  This could include navigation (such as selecting a Server Nickname link) or perform an action on the current screen (such as clear all, select all).

Filter Options

On select screens, you also have the ability to use a "Filter by" option to perform categorical searches based upon Nickname, ServerTemplate, Tag, etc.  The Filter Options are especially useful when you're trying to find specific items when there's a long list of assets.


Bottom Pane 


Dashboard footer.  Includes the email that was used to log into the Dashboard and the appropriate date/time as defined in your TimeZone settings.  Logout from the Dashboard or view RightScale's Privacy Policy or Terms of Service policies. (Settings > User > Preferences tab)

Language Preference

Select the preferred language of the Dashboard.  The language selection will be preserved the next time you log into the Dashboard.



RightScale News

News worthy information that is part of the Dashboard Overview tab.  (Manage > Deployments > View Dashboard)  See RightScale News in the screen shot below.

Flash Errors or Flash Messages

Error messages are displayed in red below the screen title.  Flash Messages are displayed in the same location (but are not red).  The term "flash" refers to their transient nature.  (If you navigate from the current screen, the flash message goes away.)


Growler Messages

Growler Messages only appear for a few seconds and are used for confirmation and error notifications.



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