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RightScale Customer Feedback Forum

The customer feedback forum is a way for RightScale customers to submit and elevate the most important ideas to improve the product. It encourages a public discussion about what is most important to the community and is closely monitored by the RightScale product team. Users who submit feedback and vote may receive requests from the product team for additional information, and will receive updates on those items when they are shipped.

Note: This forum replaces the "Enhancement Request" process through Services - users will be encouraged to submit their enhancements here instead. 

How to Submit Feedback

  • Sign into the Dashboard. You must be signed in to submit feedback or vote on other ideas.
  • Click on the Feedback link underneath the Support menu in the upper-right hand portion of the Dashboard.


Feedback User Voice.png


  • Begin typing your suggestion in the box (please check the search results to see if anyone has already submitted a similar suggestion). Pick the category (product area) that best matches your suggestion.
    Tip: Try to state the problem you are having, not necessarily how you think we should solve it. Then use the description to provide a specific use case.
  • If you see a similar suggestion, add some votes to it based on its importance to you. If you cannot find one, add a new idea with a more detailed description.

What Will Happen

  • Ideas may be set to one of these statuses. Included is an explanation of each status:
    • Under Review - The idea is being reviewed by the product team for value and feasability.
    • Backlog - The idea was found to have value and be feasible, but does not yet have a release date.
    • Planned - The idea is on the near-term development roadmap.
    • Imminent - The idea is in development and should be available in the next release.
    • Shipped - The idea has been released and is available to customers.
    • Declined - the idea was found to not be feasible or have enough value at the present time.
  • You will receive emails on status changes for either your submitted or voted on ideas that have changed. The email associated with your RightScale User will be used for correspondence.
  • The product team may reach out to you for additional information regarding your suggestion or votes.
  • Ideas may also be declined and/or combined with other related ideas.


Thank you for your feedback!

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