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User Settings


Reinforce what a RightScale User is, as well as how to change User Settings information such as the email account, User password, or SSH or time zone preferences.

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This tutorial was originally developed as part of a lab exercise in the instructor led training Operations course, but anyone and everyone should become familiar with what a User is, what User Roles exist, and what User settings they can change.


Observe User Information

  • Navigate to SettingsUser > Info tab
  • Observe the following important points:
    • Email – Recall that a RightScale User is associated with an email account. That is who you log in as, and should be reflected here (as well as within the footer on the lower right)
    • Accounts owned – Accounts that are owned by this RightScale User. All accounts created via the “New Account” action button will be listed here. Further, notice that the accounts listed here will also be in the drop down menu in the header (upper right). You should be able to switch between accounts that you own. Note: There could be more Accounts in your drop down menu than are listed in the Info tab. Any accounts you have been invited to are also listed in the drop down. (More on this later.)
    • Roles - User permissions for each Account you can switch to.
  • Perform an Advanced Search in the Support Portal for a reference document ("doc type" pull-down) with the text “user roles” in it.   Please read over the List of User Roles document.  Note: What happens if you add “intermediate” as your user level criteria to your Advanced Search?
  • When finished looking over User Roles, look at the User Role Privileges reference table.

Authentication tab

  • Change to the Authentication tab
  • Tinker with changing your password.  Notice the password strength indicator.
    • Note:  For students in the ILT course - Press Cancel (do not change your password)
    • Those who really want to change their password, select the Save action button when ready. 

Preferences tab

  • Change to the Preferences tab
  • Notice your Time Zone setting.  (Note: Students in the ILT should not change this unless asked to by your instructor however.)
  • You can sign up for a consolidated RSS feed from RightScale based on all the Accounts you have access to.  You may sign up here, or in the Events pane.
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