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Disable Single Sign-On with OpenID

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Table of Contents


Single Sign-On functionality on RightScale enables companies to use their OpenID-enabled identity provider to authenticate users on the RightScale Dashboard. If you would like to use SAML instead of OpenID, or if you would like to switch back to password-based authentication, you will need to disable OpenID.


  1. Go to Settings > User Settings > Authentication and click Edit.




  1. For security reasons, you will need to reauthenticate. Select "click to proceed" and you will be prompted for your OpenID authentication information. Once entered, you will be redirected to the Authentication tab and see Authentication Succeeded.
  2. You can either enter in a new password or switch to another Single Sign-On provider.  If you would like to switch to SAML instead of using OpenID, see Getting Started with SAML.

Note: Since SSO is still in beta, it is possible to sign in with both your email address and password or your OpenID information.

  1. Click save.
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