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Enterprise functionality is only available in our Enterprise Editions. Please contact for details.


Larger Enterprise companies often require a layer of abstraction across their company.  For example, multiple departments or projects within a company might have various billing/technical requirements that warrant separate but related RightScale accounts.  To assist our Enterprise customers in the overall management of the RightScale platform across their company, RightScale offers an Enterprise component to the Dashboard that's only available in our Enterprise Edition.

The Enterprise feature within RightScale lets larger companies manage all of the RightScale accounts within their enterprise, which is comprised of a 'master' and up to four 'child' accounts. Each RightScale account within the enterprise will have separate cloud credentials. The main benefit of the enterprise is that the 'enterprise_manager' can create sharing groups within the 'master' account and then automatically grant child accounts access to those sharing groups without the need of sharing group invitations. In this way, the Enterprise Manager can control which ServerTemplates and Macros will be accessible to all users of a 'child' account.

Note: If you are the 'enterprise_manager' and do not see the Sharing option (Design > MultiCloud Marketplace > Your Account Groups) in the 'master' account, you do not have 'publisher' role privileges. Contact to get sharing enabled.

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