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Setting up an Enterprise


New Accounts

Enterprise functionality is only available for certain Rightscale subscription levels. If you are creating your Rightscale account(s) for the first time and wish to setup multiple accounts for an Enterprise subscription, then you will want to contact our sales team at or by phone at (866) 787-2253. Our sales representatives will be happy to assist you with the creation of two (or more) accounts along with the necessary configuration for an Enterprise subscription.

Note: Each RightScale account must use a unique set of cloud credentials, which means that a single cloud account must be tied to only a single Rightscale account on a one-to-one basis.

Existing Accounts

If you have two or more Rightscale accounts and wish to configure them as an Enterprise solution, then you will want to gather some details and ensure some prerequisites are met prior to contacting our sales team. In particular, take note of these precautions:


  • At a minimum, an Enterprise must consist of a single "master" account and at least one "child" account.  If you require more than four child accounts in the enterprise, please mention this when in discussion with your RightScale Sales Account Manager.
  • Any accounts with any subscription level can be promoted to an Enterprise "master" or "child" account (even 'free' or 'trial' accounts), however your subscription level and cost will subsequently change.
  • Each RightScale account must use a unique set of cloud credentials, which means that a single cloud account must be tied to only a single Rightscale account on a one-to-one basis.


  • You must designate a user (dashboard login email) who will be granted the 'enterprise_manager' user role privilege across all Enterprise accounts.  Only a user with 'admin' privileges in each of the RightScale accounts can be granted 'enterprise_manager' user role privilege. If this user does not have admin permissions to each account, then another user who does have admin permissions must invite the user to the account with the admin permission. To verify user permissions for each account:
    1. Login to the Rightscale dashboard at with an admin user for each account.
    2. Navigate to each of your accounts using the drop down in the top right corner of the dashboard
    3. In each account, navigate to the Settings > Account settings > Users menu option. You should see a list of users along with their user permissions for this particular account.
  • The Rightscale account ID of each of the enterprise accounts. To find each account's Rightscale account ID:
    1. Login to the Rightscale dashboard at
    2. Navigate to each of your accounts using the drop down in the top right corner of the dashboard.
    3. Within each account, navigate to the Settings > Account settings menu.
    4. the ID will be shown in the address bar of your browser as part of the page URL. For example,, where 1234 is the account ID.


At this point, you will want to contact your Account Manager or our Sales team at or by phone at (866) 787-2253 to configure your accounts as a Rightscale Enterprise solution.


Once RightScale has configured your enterprise setup and unlocked the enterprise features in the dashboard, the 'enterprise_manager' user can perform the following tasks to complete the setup.  All settings can be configured under the Settings > Enterprise menu  (The Enterprise Manager will have access to the Enterprise view across all accounts in the enterprise).

  • Invite users to one or more accounts in the enterprise and grant user role privileges across all accounts.
  • Change user role privileges for existing users.
  • Define the RightScale components (ServerTemplates and Macros) that child accounts will have access to use via account groups.
  • An 'enterprise_manager' can give another user 'enterprise_manager' role privileges.  However, the original Enterprise Manager must first invite them as a regular user and then add the 'enterprise_manager' role once they've accepted the account invitation. To invite a user, go to Settings > Account Settings > Invitations

​       NOTE: You should only use this feature if it's absolutely necessary to have multiple Enterprise Managers.

API and GUI Child Account Provisioning

Once you have an Enterprise subscription configured with two or more Rightscale accounts in the Enterprise, then you can add more child accounts to the Enterprise by either:

  1. Contacting your Account Manager or our Sales team - or by phone at (866) 787-2253
  2. By using the Rightscale API - Our v1.5 API offers a 'Child Accounts' controller which can be accessed to create a new child account within your Enterprise. Details are seen in the Create an Enterprise Account API example, and general examples of API 1.5 use can be found in the API 1.5 guide.
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