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Understand Network Protocols and Ports Used by RightScale

Network Architecture Overview


Network Protocols Used by RightScale


Number Traffic Type Network Protocol Description of Service Traffic Direction
1 Monitoring collectd (udp/3011)

Graphical Monitoring

Performance and utilization metrics. Monitoring data is sent from the instance to RightScale.


Cloud to RightScale

2 NTP NTP (udp/123)

Network Time Synchronization

Cloud-instance system clock sync; avoids data loss and consistency issues.


Cloud to RightScale

3 Design Assets & Packages HTTP(S)

RightScale Mirror Service

Chef cookbook and RightScript attachment downloads (HTTPS);

OS package downloads (HTTP)


Cloud to RightScale

4 RightNet HTTPS

RightNet Routers

Communication between RightScale Dashboard and RightLink management agent that's used for instance management.


Cloud to RightScale

5 Instance API Traffic HTTPS

RightScale API Endpoint (for Cloud)

API requests from the instance. Examples include attaching volumes and taking snapshots.


Cloud to RightScale

6 User API Traffic HTTPS

RightScale API Endpoint (for User)

Customer facing API traffic for automation and management tasks.

User to RightScale
7 User UI Access HTTPS

RightScale Cloud Management Dashboard

Customer access to the RightScale Dashboard web interface.

User to RightScale
8 Cookbook Scraping HTTP(S), SSH


Access to the customers chef repository, from the Metadata scraper. See 


RightScale to Customer Network

9 Cloud Controller API(s) HTTP(S)

Cloud API Endpoint

API requests from RightScale's Cloud Gateway to the private cloud's API endpoint. (For OpenStack and CloudStack)


RightScale to Cloud

10 wstunnel HTTPS

RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere (RCA-V)

API requests from RightScale to RCA-V (RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere).

Tunneled over WebSockets in order to avoid making inbound connections to the customer datacenter.

(For VMware vSphere)


Cloud to RightScale


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