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About Accounts

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The RightScale Dashboard will display a summary of your individual RightScale account information including the type of plan, your AWS Credentials, sharing group memberships, users, and user permission rights. Each user (e.g. can have access to multiple accounts (e.g. johndoe, johndoe2). To switch between your accounts use the drop-down menu at the top-right of the Dashboard.

Account credentials are used by RightScale to access Amazon Web Services on your behalf.  These credentials are also required in order to store data in your Amazon S3 buckets. 

  • Info – General information about your RightScale account.
  • Plan – Information about your RightScale plan.
  • Credentials* Account credentials, such as keys and certifications. (Functionally, this has moved to Clouds -> "CloudName" -> Credentials. e.g. Clouds -> AWS -> Credentials.)
  • Memberships – A list of sharing group memberships. 
  • Preferences* A list of account preferences, such as where to send notification emails.
  • Permissions* A list of members of the account and their associated permissions (roles).  See User Roles.
  • Invitations* Send invitations to other users to invite them to use your account.  When you create an invitation, you designate which roles you would like to grant the user.  Invitations are sent to the email addresses you specify.
  • Clouds – A list of clouds that are currently enabled for this account. Each cloud to which you have access, will be listed under the "Clouds" menu of the Dashboard. You can also register your own private cloud.

* Denotes tabs that are only visible by the account owner.

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