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Changed Behaviors

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There are multiple important changes that you should consider as you use the new Design UI and Chef implementation.

Committed ServerTemplates are Immutable

In the past, committed ServerTemplates that used Chef could point to RepoPaths in which the content could change. When the content changed in the source repository, it had the effect of changing the behavior/content of any servers using that ServerTemplate.

Now, to more closely align with the behavior of the other parts of ServerTemplates, a committed ServerTemplate also commits all of the cookbook contents that make up that ServerTemplate. This means that once a ServerTemplate is committed, its cookbook contents will never change, even if the original cookbook is deleted in RightScale or modified in the source repository. Cookbook changes can only be done on the Head version of a ServerTemplate, so if you prefer to use Servers in which you manage cookbook content dynamically, use Head ServerTemplates. For more information, see Clone a ServerTemplate.

Update to latest RightScripts button removed

In the old UI, the Scripts tab of a ServerTemplate provided a function to update all RightScripts to the latest revision. This function has been removed because there was very little usage of it. This can now be accomplished using API calls as an alternative. For more information, see the API 1.5 Reference.


Old UI 


Rendering of cookbook readme files

On the Info tab of a Cookbook, the Long Description field renders the text from the metadata file as markdown. Rdoc format is no longer supported.

Accessing cookbook contents from imported ServerTemplates

Previously, when importing ServerTemplates, you also imported the associated RepoPath object which provided direct information about the source repository of the cookbooks. Now, since you are importing cookbooks, that information is no longer available. In order to access cookbook content more easily, you can download the code for any cookbook from its Info tab using the Download button. For more information, see Download a Cookbook.

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