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Usage Estimate Report

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Obtain an estimate for the costs you have incurred using various cloud resources (e.g. AWS) 


The following content has been deprecated. Please see for information on account cost and usage estimation.


You can view an estimated breakdown of your cloud usage costs including instances, Elastic IPs, data transfers, EBS provisioning, etc. from the RightScale Dashboard. 

Important!  The monthly reports are meant to provide a rough estimate of your cloud usage costs.  Actual billing costs may vary. 


  • Go to Report > Usage Estimate
  • Select a monthly report to view.



You will see a breakdown of the various billable cloud-related activities, along with the current billing rate, usage (hours/GB), and costs.




  • Be sure to view the estimate information at the bottom of the report (in red ink).  For example:


* Instance-Hour estimates are based on start and stop times observed by RightScale, and may vary from the actual charges billed by Amazon. Amazon reserved instances are currently calculated at the regular on-demand instance rate.

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