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Create a Network Gateway

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  • A Unified Cloud Platform account
  • 'security_manager' user role privilege


A network gateway is used to join two or more networks together that use the same protocol. When creating a network gateway in RightScale, you have the option of creating an internet gateway or a VPN gateway. An internet gateway allows public internet access to your VPC. A VPN gateway allows connectivity back to a private network, either on premises or in another VPC (over VPN).


Navigate to Manage > Networks > Network Gateways.



Click New Network Gateway.





To create your new network gateway, fill out the following fields:


  • Cloud: Specify the cloud your new network gateway will belong to. Your options are AWS and OpenStack clouds.
  • Name: Give your network gateway a name that will be visible in the Network Gateways list.
  • Description: Give your network gateway a description that will be visible when selecting it.
  • Type: Select a network gateway type. Internet gateways direct the network gateways directly to the internet. An internet gateway allows public internet access to your VPC. A VPN gateway allows connectivity back to a private network.

Click Create.

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