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Create a Network

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Creating a network with Network Manager allows you to specify network resources to help manage the infrastructure you create in RightScale. You can add subnets, create security groups, and view the audit entries of your network (as well as the audit entries of each network resource). Additionally, you can view a map of your network to visually see the security group rules and the deployments associated to your network.


  • 'security_manager' user role privilege


  1. Go to Manage > Networks.
  2. Click New Network.



  • Select a cloud to create you network: A network is created in a single cloud. Currently only AWS and OpenStack Juno clouds are supported. 
  • Name: The user-defined name of the network. 
  • Description: (Optional) a user-defined description of the network.
  1. Click Next.




  • CIDR Block: IP Range for your network. A network can contain 16 to 65,536 (eg : IP addresses. You cannot change the size of a network after you have created it.
  • Instance Tenancy: Instance Tenancy indicates whether an instance launched in this network will run on a single-tenant or shared hardware.
  1. Click Create.
  2. You will be taken to Networks where you will see a list of Networks (if there are more than one) and by default you will see the Name of your network, the Cloud it is in, and the CIDR Block. These are the default columns that are displayed. You can adjust which columns appear for your network by select the gear icon next to New Network.  


Note: when you create a network, a default security group will automatically be created. When you add a ServerTemplate to a deployment, you will see a default(Name_of_Network) under security groups. This allows a server on the default security group to connect to any external server.

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