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Server History Timeline

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The History timeline for a server shows the most recent server sessions.  As a system administrator, you're typically only concerned about the most recent servers that were launched, the current server, as well as the next server launch.   The timeframe of the launched server will be displayed. If a server was launched and terminated the same day, the time period will be displayed, otherwise the launch and termination date will be displayed.  More detailed information about the time periods can be found under the server's Info tab under the Timestamps section.


By default, the timeline will only show up to the three most recent server launches.  If you want to view an older server launch, click the History button, which will take you to the template's History tab.

Changes made to the "Next" server launch will carry forward to future server launches. 


If you select a launch that's older than the three most recent server launches, the History timeline will display [...] to denote a larger gap in the server's history. 




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