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Set Current Server Inputs

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To define input values for a currently running/operational Server using the Deployment Servers UI.


  • 'Actor' user role privileges
  • One or more running or operational Servers within a Deployment


  1. Navigate to your Deployment from the Manage > Deployments menu
  2. Select the server(s) whose inputs you wish to modify by checkbox (do not select their nickname)
  3. Once selected, select the Actions > Set Current Server Inputs menu option

Note: If you select inactive/non-operational servers, then the 'Set Current Server Inputs' menu option will be unavailable




  1. Scroll through and edit the input values as necessary in the lightbox that pops up

Important! If you select multiple servers and edit their current inputs, you will be warned if more than one of those servers is inactive/non-operational, and no input changes will affect those servers




  1. Once your input changes have been made, click Set Inputs. You will be returned to the main Deployments Servers view
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