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Relaunch a Server


To relaunch a running Server.

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  • An active (running) Server
  • 'actor' user role privileges


When a server is relaunched, the current instance is terminated and a new instance is launched in its place. The new server will receive a new aws-id, private DNS name, and public DNS name, because it is a completely different physical machine. Relaunching a server is equivalent to terminating the existing running server and launching a fresh new server in its place, whereas a reboot will restart the same physical machine. When you relaunch a server, the configurations and inputs that are defined under the "Next" server will be used.


  1. Navigate to a running Server's show page.
  2. Click the Relaunch action button.
  3. First, you will need to specify when the new server should be launched.
    • Launch new server immediately - Terminate the current running server and launch a new server at the same time.
    • Launch new server when the current server terminates - Terminate the current running server, but only launch the new server after the original server has been successfully terminated.
  4. Next, you will need to choose whether or not you want to save any changes that you've made to the inputs at the input confirmation screen.
    • Relaunch - Launch Server with the displayed input parameters, but do not save any changes (if applicable) to the Server level.
    • Save and Relaunch - Launch Server with the displayed input parameters and save any changes (if applicable) to the Server level.  Modified inputs parameters will be saved under the "Next" Server in the Server History Timeline Bar and will apply to all future launches of that Server.  Warning! Saving inputs at the Server level is not recommended, but may be useful for testing purposes.
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