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Edit the Current Server

Table of Contents


To edit the Current (Running) Server's configuration

Table of Contents


Once a Server has been launched and there's a running instance in the cloud, you're very limited in terms of what you can still change.

Warning! - It's important to understand that any changes that are made to a Current Server's configuration does NOT get inherited by the Next Server.  In order to ensure that the change is preserved and applied to future launches of that Server, you will also need to manually make the same change under the Next Server's configuration.


You can edit the following configurations on a Server under its various tabs.

You can only updated the following configurations on a running Server:

  • Lock/Unlock the Server
  • Move a Server

Info tab

  • Edit input parameters  (However, you must run the associated script in order for the modified input to be updated on or used by the instance.)
  • Change the Server's ServerTemplate.  You can select a different committed revision or HEAD version (if available).
  • Associate/Disassociate an Elastic IP
  • Add/Remove Tags

Alerts tab

  • Add/Update/Delete Alert Specifications
  • Disable/Enable Alert Specifications

Volumes tab

  • Attach a Snapshot
  • Attach an Existing Volume
  • Detach a Volume
  • Create and Attach a Blank Volume


Note: A Server must be relaunched in order to change any other configurations. (i.e. A fresh new instance must be launched and configured.)

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