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Edit Frozen Software Repositories


To freeze software repositories to ensure that a Server uses the appropriate versions of select software repositories.

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  • 'designer' user role privileges


You can edit Software Repositories at the following levels:

  • ServerTemplate - Under a ServerTemplate's Repos tab.
  • Deployment - Under a Deployment's Scripts tab, click the frozen repositories "edit" link.
  • Server - Under a Server's Scripts tab, click the frozen repositories "edit" link.

See Inheritance of Software Repositories for more information about the hierarchy and inheritance rules that apply.

Editing a Software Repository's Freeze Date

(Screenshot of the Edit Software Repositories screen at the Server level.)

Note: Your Software Repository window may or may not include the warning message in the example shown above.  This may seem ominous at first glance, but it is not.  Essentially it is making sure you are aware of dates on the repository, mostly because the mirrors with RightScale images on them and the ability to freeze them in time is a relatively new feature, so you can only go back in time so far.  Images prior to version 4.1 are not supported.  Trying to select unsupported images will default to repositories that were frozen on December 10, 2008.

  1. Use the checkboxes to select the repositories you want to edit. 
  2. When editing the freeze date for your frozen repositories, you'll have three different options:
    • Inherit - Inherit the frozen repository date from a previous level in the hierarchy.  This option is not available at the ServerTemplate level.
    • Current - Use the versions that are currently in the repository today.   (i.e. Use the version that's currently available in the public repository on the day the server is launched.)  When the Current option is selected for a software repository, "image default" or "latest" will be listed under the "Using" column.
    • Frozen <MM/DD/YYYY> - Freeze the repository to a specific date in the past.  (i.e. Use the version of software that was available in the public repository on a particular date).  The oldest date for which you can freeze a repository will be listed under the "Oldest Available" column.  You can enter a date manually or click the Calendar icon to browse and select a specific date.
  3. Click the Apply button to save your changes.  Remember, changes to the frozen repositories will only take effect when new Servers are launched.

Depending on your selection,the current repository settings will be listed under the "Using" column.  If a setting is being inherited, the level where it's being inherited from will be listed in parenthesis.

  • latest - Use the versions that are currently in the repository today.  When "Current" is selected at the Deployment or Server level.
  • image default - Use the versions that are currently in the repository today.  When "Current" is selected at the ServerTemplate level.

Viewing the frozen software repositories

When viewing a running "Current" Server, you can view a list of which repositories have been frozen under the Server's Info tab.  You can see which repositories (if any) have been frozen.

Note:  The list reflects the settings that apply to the "Current" Server.  Since you can edit the frozen software repository settings on a running Server, this list may not reflect the settings that were actually used when the Server was launched.

screen-Show_Repos_Link-v1.png         screen-Show_Repos-v1.png

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