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Change the State of Alerts


To manually change the state of a RightScale Alert.

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Occasionally, you may want to temporarily disable or change the state of an alert.  For example, if you're troubleshooting the cause of an alert escalation, you don't want your cell phone or email to keep receiving the same error notifications.  In such cases, you may want to temporarily change the state of an alert.  Similarly, during test/development cycles you may want to disable (or enable) a specific Alert for a period of time.


To change the state of a triggered Alert: 

  • Select the desired new state from the dropdown menu
    • 1hr off
    • 24hr off
    • disable
    • enable
  • Click the Apply action button next to the desired alert(s).  If you change the state of an alert to either 1hr off or 24hr off, the alert will be listed as temporarily "Quenched."


Note:  You can either change the state of all alerts or change them individually.


Post Tutorial Steps

Don't forget to enable (or disable) the Alerts if changing the their state was meant only for a limited amount of time (for example, for a few days during testing).

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