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Update Inputs of Multiple Running Servers


To update the current input values of multiple running servers within a deployment.

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With deployments that contain many servers, you may update the inputs on a selected number of servers for either the 'current' servers or the 'next' launched servers. Use this feature to manage your running instances by updating input values before running operational scripts rather than having to re-launch in order to update multiple servers at once.


Select running servers to update

Navigate to the index page of a deployment. Select your running servers using the checkboxes on the right. For large amounts of servers, utilize the toggles at the bottom of the page.




Select 'Set Current Server Inputs'

After making your selections, click 'Set Current Server Inputs' from the dropdown in the bottom right. Click Apply to Selected.



Edit the inputs of current servers

Under Bulk Inputs Update, the number of servers you selected is shown. The dropdown next to each input consists of two options that are unique to this flow: 'Unchanged' and 'Use deployment value.' When first viewing the page without making any changes, all the inputs will say 'Unchanged' by default to let you know that none of the inputs have been edited. Otherwise, use the other options in the dropdown to specify your value.

"Use Deployment Value" sets the input to the current input value on the deployment. Future changes to the input at the deployment level will not affect the server(s).

After making your edits, click the Show only changed inputs checkbox to filter only the inputs that were changed. Use this checkbox to confirm the changes you are about to make.




Make your edits and click Save. You will return to the Servers tab of the deployment.

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