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Launch a Server


  • An existing deployment
  • 'actor' user role privileges


You can either launch a server at the server level or deployment level.  At the deployment level, you also have the option of launching multiple servers at the same time.

Launch Options

Launch a Single Server

  1. Go to Manage > Deployments and select a deployment.
  2. At the deployment level, click on the "Launch" icon next to the inactive server that you want to launch.  
  3. The pre-launch Inputs confirmation screen will appear for the selected server.  All required inputs must be defined.  As a best practice, all inputs should be defined prior to the pre-launch screen for production environments. However, you do have the option to change any inherited values, which you may find as a useful option for testing purposes. In production environments, a server should always inherit its inputs from either the ServerTemplate or deployment level.
  4. Once all required inputs are defined you can safely launch your server.  See What is the difference between the "Launch" option and "Save and Launch" option? for more information.
    There are two launch options:
    • Launch - Launches a server using the defined inputs.  Any changes that are made at the inputs confirmation screen will only apply to the current instance being launched and will not be applied to future launches of the server. (i.e. Changes are not saved at the server level, which are displayed under the "Next" server's Inputs tab.
    • Save and Launch - Launches a server using the modified inputs and also saves those changes so that it will be applied to future launches of that server. (i.e. Changes are saved at the server level, and are highlighted as overrides under the "Next" server's Inputs tab.)  

Launch Multiple Servers

  1. Go to Manage > Deployments and select a deployment.
  2. At the deployment level, use the checkboxes to select all servers that you want to launch at the same time.
    Note: You can only launch multiple servers if you've defined valid values for ALL inputs that are required by the boot scripts. The input confirmation screen is not displayed when launching multiple servers.
  3. Select the "Launch" option from the dropdown menu and click the Apply to selected action button.

Launch an Instance in a Server Array

  1. Go to Manage > Arrays and select your server array. (If a server array is associated with a deployment, you can also select a server array at the bottom of the deployment's Servers tab.)
  2. At the server array's show page, click the Launch action button to manually launch a single instance (server) into the array.  Note: You can manually launch a new server instance into the array regardless of whether or not the array is active (enabled), which is recommended for testing purposes before you enable an array.
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