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Download CSV of External References


Export all Input information at the Deployment level to a CSV file so you can view and report on it from an Excel spreadsheet.

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  • Navigate to Manage -> Deployments -> View all
  • Select the Deployment you are interested in
  • Select the Inputs tab.  Inputs at the Deployment level are displayed.

Generate and save data

  • Select the Download CSV of External References action button (located under the Inputs tab)
  • Save (or open) the resulting CSV file directly. 
    • The file name generated is of the following format:  xref_report_<number>.csv
    • Example:  xref_report_1260895780.csv

Viewing the data

  • The partial CSV excerpt below shows the data types and example data in the resultant file


Where the following brief data type description applies to each column:

  • Input - Input name
  • Server - Server name in the Deployment
  • ID - Unique ID of the Server
  • RightScript/Chef Recipe - Name of the RightScript or Chef Recipe that uses the Input (Note:  Multiples can use the same Input.)
  • Phase - Boot, operational or decommission phase
  • Value - Input Value.  See also Input Types.
  • Source - Whether the Input was set at the ServerTemplate or Deployment level
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