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Change a Server's Public IP


To change a running Server's Public IP address.

Note:  Currently, this tutorial is specific to EC2 instances.

Table of Contents


  • An existing Deployment with an unlocked, running Server
  • 'actor' user role privileges


Each EC2 instance can only have one public IP address at a time.  An instance either has a public IP address that it was randomly assigned by the cloud provider or it's specifically assigned an Elastic IP address that you designate at launch time or later when an instance is operational. 

Note: You cannot change a running Server's Public IP address if it's locked.


  1. Go to Manage -> Deployments and select a Deployment.
  2. At the Deployment level, click on the "Change" icon next to the running Server's Public IP address.  screen-ChangePublicIP-v1.png
  3. Select the Elastic IP address you want to assign to the current instance.  The name of the EIP is followed by the actual IP Address.  Be careful!  It is possible to steal an EIP that's currently being used by another instance.   Instances that are currently assigned to running instances are denoted with *in use* for precautionary reasons.
  4. Confirm the action.
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