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Server Array Schedule

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You can also define how an alert-based array resizes over the course of the week by using the server array schedule feature. This feature is not supported on queue-based server arrays.

Note: The time zone for the Server Array Schedule is UTC.

WARNING!  Any changes that are made to the min/max count in the server array schedule will override the array's default min/max count settings.

Go to Manage -> Arrays and select an array that you would like create a custom schedule for and click the Schedule Edit link under the Info tab.


Notice the current default min/max counts for the server array.

Let's say you want to increase your resize settings during the upcoming week because a new release or promotion will be launched on Monday.  Instead of modifying your default settings, you can just change them for this week.

To support the increased traffic to the site, you want to increase the min count to 5 servers and the max count to 50 servers during normal business hours and then return to the default settings overnight.

Select Monday from the drop down list and type the time that you would like these new setting to take effect.  The time follows the 24h format and matches your current date/time settings.  Specify the new min/max counts and click the apply button.


The new resize configurations will be added to the specified day. 

Remember, these new settings will persist until they are changed.  The only way to revert back to your default settings is to add another resize setting.  The default min/max settings will be listed by default.

Select Monday again from the list, but this time set the time to 23:00 and keep the default min/max settings.


Now you want to use the same resize patterns for the rest of the business week.  To copy the settings of one day to another, select as Monday from the drop down bar and click the copy schedule link next to the day you want to inherit the settings.  Repeat the steps as necessary.


The schedule is a rolling calendar, so the settings from Saturday will continue to be active until the settings are changed. 

To reset a day's setting, select reset from the drop down bar and click the copy schedule link next to the day.

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