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Enable or Disable a Server Array


To enable a Server Array so that it's allowed to automatically scale up/down (grow/shrink) based on the queue-based or alert-based triggers.

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  • 'actor' user role privileges


The state of the Server Array determines its autoscaling properties.  Regardless of the array's state, instances can still be launched and terminated manually.

The array can have one of the following states:

  • Enabled (active) - The server array will be monitored by RightScale's alert daemon and permitted to autoscale.  Voting servers and thresholds will be monitored appropriately.  When the decision threshold has been exceeded for either a resize up/down action, the appropriate scaling event will occur. 
  • Disabled (inactive) - The server array is not monitored by RightScale's alert daemon and is not permitted to autoscale.  Voting servers and thresholds will be ignored. No running instances will be affected, and if you want to terminate active array instances, you can use the 'Terminate all' button.

As a best practice, you only want to enable a Server Array once you're confident that everything has been configured properly and that there are no missing inputs.  Be sure to test a server array manually, before enabling it for autoscaling.  For example, before you enable an array, you may want to Test a Server Array by using the Launch button (on the Server Array's show page) to manually launch a test instance to make sure that it will be launched and configured successfully.  You do not want to enable an array that will launch instances that will strand in booting and never become operational.


  1. Go to Manage -> Arrays. 
  2. Click the Enable text link next to the array that you want to make active.   You can also click a similar Enable text link on a Server Array's show page.
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