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Delete a Server Array


To delete a server array.

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  • An existing Server Array
  • 'actor' user role privileges


When you delete a Server Array, you're only deleting the Server Array object or metadata. 

You can delete a Server Array regardless of whether it's active (enabled) or inactive (disabled).  You can also delete a Server Array regardless of whether or not it has any running instances.  As a best practice, you should only delete Server Arrays that are inactive.  If you delete a Server Array that's active and contains running instances, it can become very difficult to locate all of the running instances of an array once it's been deleted. 

Important!  Instances that are currently running in a Server Array are NOT terminated when an array is deleted.  The reason why an array's instances are not automatically terminated is because some of the instances could be hosting active user sessions.  If you delete a server array that contains running instances, you must manually delete each instance in the array.  Go to Clouds -> AWS Region -> EC2 Instances and search for all instances of the Server Array.  (Tip: Use the "Filter by Nickname" option and perform a keyword search using the Server Array's Nickname.

Note: A deleted Server Array will no longer be allowed to scale.  RightScale's alert daemon ignores a deleted Server Array.  For example, if you delete an 'enabled' Server Array that contains running instances (5) and has a minimum instance count configuration (e.g. 2), and later you terminate all running instances of that array, the Server Array will not automatically launch the minimum count of instances (e.g. 2).


  1. As a best practice, you should make sure you've taken the necessary precautionary steps before deleting a Server Array.
    • Disabled the server array
    • Terminated any running instances (Server Array's Instances tab)
  2. Go to Manage -> Arrays.
  3. Click the Delete action icon next to the array that you want to delete.  (Note: You cannot delete a Server Array from the array's show page.)

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