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Create a New Server Array with Spot Instances

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Create an application Server Array using Spot Instances.


Server Arrays are identical servers running in the cloud. The RightScale Cloud Management Platform can monitor and scale up (or down) the number of servers in a Server Array to meet application demands based on alerts or queues (Grid-based Server Arrays). This tutorial uses Spot Instances for the servers in your Server Array. Since hourly rates for Spot Instances are usually lower than On-Demand prices, there is potential for cutting costs. You can set the max price that you're willing to pay for your Spot Instances and even view the recent history of your chosen type of instance to be able to get a good idea of what to set as your max price. Prices for Spot Instances vary based on supply and demand.


To create a Server Array, go to Manage -> Arrays. You will need to select the cloud infrastructure or EC2 region where the Server Array instances will be launched. Instances that are launched in an array must exist in the same region (e.g. AWS US-East), but can be dispersed across multiple availability zones within the same region. 

See Add Server Array Assistant to see how to configure a Server Array with Spot Instances.

Part 2

Having now set up your Server Array to use Spot Instances, you can finish this tutorial depending on which Server Array you've selected:

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