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Copy Alerts to All Instances in an Array


To apply the alerts in a server array from 'Next' to current instances.

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  • Requires 'actor' user role privileges to use this feature.


This feature allows you to apply the alerts from 'Next' in a Server array to all the current instances. Any edits or new alerts added to the Next Alerts tab of your server array can be merged into the current running instances with bulk selection and update. Also, you may delete alerts from an array in bulk with this action reflected on all active instances without having to relaunch the instances or delete the alerts from each instance individually.


  1. Navigate to your array (Manage > Arrays > Your Array). The Arrays page is shown here.


  1. Click on the Next Alerts tab, where your alert specifications are listed. This is the list of alerts specified in your ServerTemplate and/or added by you. Any alerts imported or created for this array will automatically be included in future instances launched in this array. However, if you would like to apply these alerts to current running instances in your array, you can select which alerts you want to copy to the running instances, select "Copy alerts to all array instances" and click Apply to selected.




  1. A confirmation will display, listing all of the alerts that you selected and the number of instances that will be updated. Click OK to confirm.




  1. Click Audit Entries to view a summary of your action.




Or Check the events pane to track the status of your action.



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