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Clone a Server Array

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To clone an existing server array and all of its components. 


When you clone a server array, you create an exact copy of its configuration as well. Your new array will be identical, but with a new name and disabled by default. The server array clone will use the same ServerTemplate, SSH key, security group in the same cloud in the same deployment.


  1. Go to Manage > Arrays > array name.




  1. Click Clone.The nickname of the array is automatically changed from 'Server Array' to 'Server Array v1' or from 'Server Array v1' to 'Server Array v2' etc. You will be redirected to the info tab of the cloned server array.




The following parameters are applied to the new array:

  • The schedule gets cloned. 
  • Only alerts on the ServerTemplate get cloned, and not alerts defined on the server array.
  • If you set a vote alert on the ServerTemplate, then you need to specify a custom value. The corresponding voter tag value then must be set on each server array as well.
  • The cloned array does not vote for the old server array. The cloned server array does not inherit any such custom voter tag value. Instead it will use its generated nickname as the voter tag value.
  • The tag(s) of the server array will also be cloned and included in the cloned array.
  • Voter alert specs get cloned that match the new nickname.

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