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Cluster Monitoring Widget

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Add a Cluster Monitoring Widget

Users can add a Cluster Monitoring Widget to the Dashboard in two ways: either through the Dashboard or from the Monitoring tab of a Deployment. Cluster Monitoring Widgets help users view the health of their Deployments directly from the Dashboard Overview tab.

Add a Cluster Monitoring Widget from the Dashboard

  • Navigate to Design>Widgets.
  • Click on the Built-in tab.
  • Click Add for the Cluster Monitoring Widget.


You are prompted to specify a Deployment at which point you are presented the fields that help define your Cluster Monitoring Widget.




  • Cluster Monitor - Choose the Cluster Monitoring graph you created in the Monitoring tab to be used for your Widget or add a new Cluster Monitoring graph.
  • Title - Name your Cluster Monitoring Widget.
  • Refresh Rate - Specify in minutes how often you want your Cluster Monitoring Widget to be refreshed.
  • Graph Type - Choose between Heat Map or Stacked Graph for your Cluster Monitor to be displayed in the Widget.


Click Save.

Your Cluster Monitoring Widget will be editable directly in the Dashboard. 



Add a Cluster Monitoring Widget from a Deployment

If a Cluster Monitor does not already exist for a Deployment, you must navigate to a Deployment with running Servers in order to enable Cluster Monitoring.

  • After choosing a Deployment with running servers, click Add Cluster Monitor


Filter by ServerTemplate, Server, or Tag from the dropdown menu. You can also click Apply without choosing a filter to get all of the Servers in your Deployment to be included in the Cluster Monitor. 

  • Click Apply.
  • Select either a Heat Map or Stacked Graph to view your Cluster Monitor graph.




  • Click Save.
  • Click Add Widget.


Your Cluster Monitor graph is added as a Widget to the Dashboard. You can then edit your Cluster Monitoring Widget directly in the Dashboard.

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