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Cloud Credential Status Widget

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


If you have a standard account, you can add the Widget to your Dashboard Overview.  If that account has "admin" privileges, then can Edit and Delete after clicking the cloud hyperlink in the Services column (see screen shot below).  If you do not have "admin" privileges, you can view the information but cannot make changes to it.


The Built-in Cloud Credential Status Widget reports on credentials for each cloud in your account.

For example, the following screen reports positive credential status for three different clouds in the current account. *


Status of your cloud credentials.

  • Cloud Controller - Cloud's API server. A green sphere means it is responding to requests.  Otherwise its state is "unknown".
  • Cloud Account - A green sphere means that we can make an authenticated request to the Cloud Controller and get a response.  (Otherwise "unknown".)

Note:  This information is also reported from the Settings > Account Settings > Clouds tab screen in the Dashboard.

* Online - You have valid credentials and we can make a request to EC2 with them and be properly authenticated.

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