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Add a Widget


To add a Custom or already-existing Built-in Widget to your Dashboard Overview page.

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Add a Built-in Widget

To add a built-in Widget Definition to the Dashboard:

  • Navigate to Design -> Widgets -> Built-in tab
  • Click the Add button next to the desired Built-in Widget Definition

Add a Custom Widget

  • Navigate to Design -> Widgets -> Custom tab
  • A dialog box is displayed

Configure the following parameters as desired:

  • Title - Text displayed in the title bar of the Widget.
  • Filter by - If filtering is available, choose the filter type, and the corresponding filter value (if applicable). See Filter Configuration for more information. Filter value is not displayed if filter type is set to "None".
  • Refresh Rate - Number of minutes between times the Widget will automatically refresh its contents.


Once the Widget is saved, it is added to the Dashboard, and context is redirected appropriately.

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