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Update to latest RightScripts in a ServerTemplate


To update RightScripts to newer versions within a HEAD ServerTemplate.

Upon completion of this tutorial, you should:

  • Know how to recognize when there are newer RightScripts available for your ServerTemplate
  • Update the version of the RightScript within the ServerTemplate, on either a individual or group (e.g. all newer RightScripts) basis


Table of Contents


The following are prerequisites for completing this tutorial:

  • You should know how to run a diff (comparison) on RightScripts
  • You should know how to commit RightScripts
  • 'designer' user role privileges


If you are modifying a ServerTemplate, you may want to update its list of RightScripts to use the most recent committed revisions of those scripts. To help you know when a newer revision is available, colored notification balls are displayed. If a newer committed revision of a RightScript is available within the RightScale account or in the MultiCloud Marketplace (MCM), a yellow-orange sphere icon will appear next to the script under the HEAD ServerTemplate's Scripts tab. 

It's your responsibility to determine whether or not you should update the highlighted RightScripts.

Orange ball notifications are only displayed if a newer committed revision of a RightScript (with the same lineage) is available. If a RightScript is cloned, it's a new object with a different lineage. The diagram below demonstrates the most common user scenarios.


Depending on which RightScript revision a ServerTemplate is currently using, the following script notifications will be shown.

Which RightScript is in the HEAD ServerTemplate? Conditions Notification Results
Rev 7 Rev 9 is not available in the MultiCloud Marketplace No icons
Rev 7 Rev 9 is available in the MultiCloud Marketplace Orange icon
Rev 1 Rev 2 is available

Orange icon

Rev 2 No newer committed revision is available No icons


Navigate to one of your ServerTemplates

  • Design -> ServerTemplates -> [ServerTemplateName] -> Scripts tab
  • Go to the editable HEAD version of the ServerTemplate. If no HEAD version exists, you can clone it to create an editable copy.

Check for newer versions

Under the Scripts tab of a HEAD version of a ServerTemplate, you may see yellow sphere icons, which denote that a newer revision of that script is available. RightScale will check within your RightScale account for a newer revision as well as in the MultiCloud Marketplace. The yellow sphere icons are only designed to serve as a notification. If a RightScript has a higlighted rev number in orange, it does not mean that you must update its revision. The actual content of the scripts is not checked, just the revision numbers. The orange highlight will only be displayed for HEAD versions of a ServerTemplate and not committed revisions because only HEAD versions are editable.


If you click on the icon, you will perform a differential (diff) between the current revision and the most recently committed revision that's available. Use the diff to compare the differences between the two revisions to determine whether or not you want to update the script to a different revision. In the example below, the differences between the revisions are highlighted for your convenience.


 Next, you will need to determine whether or not you want to update the current RightScript revision.

Update RightScripts within a ServerTemplate

Once you have performed a differential between the two RightScripts and determined that you want to update the revision of a RightScript revision, you can update a single RightScript by clicking the highlighted rev for the RightScript and select the RightScript you would like to update to.


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