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Update a ServerTemplate Revision on Multiple Servers

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To update the revision of a ServerTemplate that is being used on multiple servers at once.


The ServerTemplate's Update Xref tab allows you to view servers using that ServerTemplate and update them in bulk to a newer revision. When using this update feature, you will specify a revision of the ServerTemplate and view the revisions of MultiCloud Images (MCIs) available. A new revision of a ServerTemplate may be using different MCIs; in this case, you will have the option to specify which MCIs you will use. If this is performed on a running server, you will need to re-launch for the MCIs to be updated.

Note: If new inputs are required by the new revision, you will not be prompted until the next time that server is launched.

Best Practices Prerequisites

This is a powerful feature that could have negative repercussions if done incorrectly in a production environment. For this reason, we recommend the following:

  • Perform a Diff between old and newer revisions to know exactly which updates will be made.
  • Try out the new revision by updgrading one server, testing and launching before performing an update in bulk.
  • For server array instances, it is highly recommended that you launch one instance in the array to ensure your new changes will continue to grow and shrink the array accordingly.


1.    Choose the ServerTemplate you will update by navigating to Design > ServerTemplates.
2.    After selecting a ServerTemplate, click its Update Xref tab.




3.    You will see all the servers that are using the same version of ServerTemplate. Choose servers to update. You have the option to select "All shown," meaning all the servers shown on the page. Under the Instance(s) column, "next" indicates that the server is not running, and changes can still be made to that instance by clicking "next," which will take effect the next time the server is launched. "Current" under the Instance(s) column signifies a running server.




4.    After finishing the selection, click Update Selected to initiate the "Update ServerTemplate Revision" options.




5.    The above dialog box will appear, allowing you to select a revision. You will have the option of executing these updates for "current" server instances (running) or "Next server/array instances" (non-running, future instances). When performing this action on future instances, every update will take effect the next time it is launched. When performing this action on running instances, the instance will continue to run, but the MCI upgrades will not take effect until they are re-launched. Note that for running array instances, the behavior is similar to normal instances. But alerts will automatically be upgraded to coincide with the new revision, which may effect behavior of old alerts are no longer there. Check the inputs tab of the array to see if there are any new missing required inputs and also the alerts tab to see if anything has changed. Otherwise, the array may not spin up instances in accordance with your usual specifications, or they may strand due to unset required inputs.

The "default" image selected is the image (or images) that are the default of the specified revision of the ServerTemplate, which may not be the equivalent MCI you were previously using (for example, if you were previously using a 32-bit instance type, the default MCI might be a 64-bit instance type). Make sure your MCI revision selection is in accordance with your desired specifications.





  • For revision selection, it is not recommended to use a HEAD revision for production, since this is a living revision. It is best to select a committed revision, which is static.
  • If a new revision requires new input values, the next time the server is launched, these inputs will need to be specified
  • if any scripts are run on the new revision, you will be prompted to set any inputs.
  • When selecting a revision, you may choose older or newer revisions.
  • For running instances, remember that your MCI selection is tied to a RightImage(s) for one or more clouds and you have the choice to keep the same MCI in use. If you do decide to update the MCI(s), these changes will only take effect when the server is re-launched.

When you are finished with your configuration, click Update.

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