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Publish and Share a ServerTemplate


To publish and share a ServerTemplate.

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  • 'publisher' user role privileges


You can only publish a private component that was originally created in your RightScale account. (i.e. It was either created from scratch or cloned.) You cannot publish a component that you imported from the MultiCloud Marketplace (MCM).  A particular version can only be published once.

When you publish a ServerTemplate, any of its private RightScale components must also be published (unless they were previously published to the MCM). For example, if the ServerTemplate uses any cloned RightScripts or new MCIs that you created in the current RightScale account, all of those private RightScale components will also be shared with the ServerTemplate.

It's strongly recommended that you only share committed revisions of ServerTemplates where all of its referenced RightScale components are also committed revisions. 

If you try to publish a ServerTemplate that references HEAD versions of RightScale components (e.g. RightScripts or MultiCloud Images), you will be prompted to commit any HEAD versions in order to create static, committed revisions. It's strongly recommended that you agree and let RightScale automatically create committed revisions of those HEAD versions. The ServerTemplate will automatically select and use the new committed revisions that were created instead of the HEAD versions.

Although you can publish a HEAD version of a ServerTemplate, it's not a recommended best practice unless you're an advanced user that's actively developing and testing it across multiple RightScale accounts. It's recommended that you only publish and share committed revisions of a component.

If you share a MultiCloud Image that has a reference to a privately owned Amazon Machine Image (AMI) (i.e. the AMI was created using your AWS credentials) and want to share the MCI with another RightScale account, you must also privately share the AMI with the other AWS account, otherwise the other RightScale account will not have access to use the referenced AMI. See Share an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).


  1. Navigate to Design -> ServerTemplates in the RightScale Dashboard.
  2. Select the ServerTemplate that you want to share.
  3. Select the committed revision that you want to share in the History Timeline Bar. (e.g. Rev 1)
  4. Click the Publish to MultiCloud Marketplace action button. For details on how to use the publishing wizard to complete the sharing process, see the Using the Publishing Assistant tutorial for details.

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