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Import a ServerTemplate


To import a ServerTemplate from the MultiCloud Marketplace so it becomes "local". 

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  • 'library' user role privileges


When you import a ServerTemplate, all of its associated RightScripts, MultiCloud Image, and RepoPaths are also imported over (unless they've already been imported or you don't have access to those published RightScale components).   

Before importing the ServerTemplate: 

  • ServerTemplate is found in:  Design > MultiCloud Marketplace > ServerTemplates

After importing the ServerTemplate:

  • ServerTemplate is found in:  DesignServerTemplatesView Local
  • Associated RightScripts are found in:  DesignRightScriptsView Local

Note:  Because any ServerTemplate that you import over from the MultiCloud Marketplace will most likely be a committed revision, you will need to clone it in order to create an editable copy in your Local view.


  1. Go to Design > MultiCloud Marketplace > ServerTemplates
  2. Find and select the appropriate ServerTemplate. Browse by categories, perform a keyword search, or use the filter options to find the correct ServerTemplate.
  3. Click Import.

Once imported, the ServerTemplate and associated RightScripts are considered part of your "local" collection.

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