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Change the ServerTemplate of a Server


To change the ServerTemplate of a created server. 

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Once a server or instance is launched with a particular ServerTemplate, you cannot change its ServerTemplate to a completely different ServerTemplate (that has a different lineage). For operational servers, you can only change the revision of the selected ServerTemplate.

However, for inactive servers or future instances that will be launched into an array you can select a completely different ServerTemplate.

The following tutorial will explain how to change a server's or server array's ServerTemplate.


Inactive Server

To change which ServerTemplate will be used to launch the next server or instance into the server array, click the Edit button under the server array's show page or the "Next" server. Changes will affect the next server that is launched.

In the Add Server Wizard, click on the ServerTemplate tab.


  • Select a different ServerTemplate - use the Filter Options to find and select a completely different ServerTemplate. If there are multiple revisions of the new ServerTemplate, you will also need to select a specific revision or the HEAD version once you've selected the new ServerTemplate.
  • Select a different revision of the same ServerTemplate - At the bottom, select a different revision of the currently selected ServerTemplate. You can select a previous revision or HEAD version. It's useful to select the editable HEAD version of a ServerTemplate, especially if you are actively developing the ServerTemplate.

A record of these types of changes will be displayed under the "Next" server's Changes tab.

Active Server

If you already have an operational instance in the server array or a "current" operational server, you can only change its ServerTemplate revision under the the Info tab. Click the Edit icon to select a different revision.



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