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Diff RightScripts


Detect the differences in two RightScripts.

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The Dashboard supports a versioning feature for RightScripts that allows for the comparison of different RightScript revisions.  When a diff is performed it will not only compare the code body itself, but also the descriptions, attachments, and Inputs.

Common Uses for Diff

  • Compare two different revisions of the same RightScript.
    ex: RightScript-A [rev 1] vs. RightScript-A [rev 2] -or- RightScript-A [rev 1] vs. RightScript-A [HEAD]
  • Compare two arbitrary RightScripts. 
    ex: RightScript-A vs. RightScript-B

Common Scenario 

Let's say you decide to use a published RightScript that you imported from the MultiCloud Marketplace in one of your Server Templates.  In order to customize this RightScript to fit your needs you must first clone it.  After making any necessary changes to your private copy, you add it to your Server Template.  A few weeks later, a RightScale engineer publishes a new revision of the original RightScript that includes an additional security feature.  You want to see what has changed between your customized copy and the newly released revision.  After reviewing the changes, you then decide to incorporate them into your script.  Your customized RightScript is now up-to-date with what RightScale currently provides.


RightScript Comparison (Diff)

To compare two RightScripts, go to Design > RightScripts.  Select the revision in the History bar that you want to perform a diff from and click the Diff button.

The next window allows you to select which script you would like to compare against.  You can select any RightScript that you want, including any revision of that script.  By default, the Dashboard will display the previous revision(s) of the script (if available).  If you perform a diff from the HEAD version of a script and there are no previously committed revisions, its parent RightScript (that it was cloned from) and its revisions will be selectable.  In this example, we will compare the customized draft with the original version to see what has changed.  Additionally, this functionality can be used to compare two arbitrary scripts by selecting them from the dropdown menus.

Click the Diff button. 


Results are displayed that highlight all of the changes between the two scripts.

Colored highlights denote the sections that changed.  After inspecting the changes, you may close the window. 

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