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View a Repository

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


This allows you to view various information of your repository. Viewing a repository can helpful in seeing if a repository has successfully been added or refetched.


  1. Go to Design > Repositories and select your repository.
  2. You will be taken to the Cookbooks tab and a list of all the cookbooks in the repository will display.
  3. Click on the Info tab.


  1. The information of the Repository will display:
    • Name: The name of the repository.
    • Description (optional): A user-supplied description of the repository.
    • Last fetched at (UCT): The time at which the repository was last fetched.
    • Last fetched revision: Revision of the repository that was last fetched. 
    • Last fetch output: Additional details on the result of the last fetch.
    • Type: The type of repository being added. RightScale supports git, svn or a compressed file (tgz, gzip, or tar).
    • Tag/Branch: The branch of the repository which contains the cookbooks.
    • URL: The URL where the repository is located.
    • Git SSH Key: The Git SSH key to access your repository.
    • Username: The user name to access your repository. This field will not display if your repository is of type git.
    • Password: The password to access your repository. This field will not display if your repository is of type git.
    • Cookbook Paths: The path (URL) to the cookbooks in your repository. You can add multiple paths.
  2. From this tab, you can edit, refetch, or refetch and import the repository.
    Note: You can see the same information in the right-navigation window when you select a repository from the repositories section (Design > Repositories). 
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