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Import Cookbooks from a Repository

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Importing a cookbook or cookbooks from a repository is a more granular and advanced way to import cookbooks into RightScale. From this view, you can see the name of all the cookbooks you are importing, the dependencies of the cookbooks, and select which namespace you would like to import to. You can also choose if you want to import dependencies.


Note: You can have a cookbook automatically imported into your primary namespace with the Refetch and Import button. For more information, see Refetch and Import a Repository.


  1. Go to Design > Repositories.
  2. Click on a repository. 
  3. Select the cookbooks in the repository. From the Action drop-down, select Import.



  1. From here you can choose to:
    • Import to a Primary or Alternate namespace - We recommend that if you use your own cookbooks that you import them to the primary namespace, but if you want to use an alternate namespace you can. When you select an alternate namespace, you can choose to follow the cookbook. When you follow a cookbook, the new or updated versions of that cookbook that are refetched into the repositories section will automatically get imported. For more information about following a cookbook, see Follow a Cookbook. For more information about namespaces, see Primary and Alternate Namespace.
    • Import Dependencies - If the cookbook relies on other cookbooks to run recipes, they will have dependencies. You can select this option so the cookbooks that the other cookbooks rely on will be imported. If the dependencies are missing, you will not be able to import them.
  2. When your options are selected, click Import.
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