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Add a Repository

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


This allows you to enter all the information necessary to add a new repository to your account. 


  1. Go to Design > Repositories.
  2. Select Add Repository.

screen_AddRepository .png


  1. A screen will display with the fields that define your repository information. 




  1. Select the Type to choose the repository you would like to use. Select just one of the following depending on the repository you are using:
  1. Once the information has been entered, click OK.
  2. Once added, RightScale will fetch the information from the repository and the cookbooks from that repository will appear when you refresh the page.

    Note: If you notice the cookbooks are not appearing after a few minutes, you can click on the repository and go to the Info tab. The Last fetch output section will notify you if there were errors occurred during the fetch.
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