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Update Imported MultiCloud Images


To compare and/or import a newer revision of a MultiCloud Image that is available in the MultiCloud Marketplace (MCM). 

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  • 'designer' user role privileges
  • 'library' user role privileges are required to import a newer revision from the MCM.


If you are using a MultiCloud Image that was imported from the MultiCloud Marketplace (or a slightly modified version that you created by cloning it), you may want to update the MultiCloud Image when a newer revision becomes available in the MCM.


The steps required to update an imported ServerTemplate, RightScript, or MultiCloud Image are very similar.

Please see the Update Your Imports tutorial for further details.

Note: The most common way to import the most recent revision of a MultiCloud Image is from the context of a ServerTemplate. See Update the revision of a MultiCloud Image in a ServerTemplate.

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